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To Hurricane Katrina Survivors

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For Hurricane Katrina Resource information,
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These links are designed to help you find
assistance or lost persons or items.

These links also provide RESOURCE
information for services like
development, funding, social
services, health and safety,
relocation, college student info, etc...

Legal Resources, click here...
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For Hurricane Katrina Resource information,
click on the link below.

This resource is called 'CRAIGSLIST'.

Please note: This site is craigslist, not craiglist...

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Joy Community Outreach to End Homelessness is involved in shipping toiletries, hygiene items for men, women and children, blankets,

first-aid supplies and non-perishable foods and we are soliciting all our donors in this venture.

Our first delivery went out on Sunday, September 4, 2005, followed by another delivery on Friday, September 9, 2005.

These supplies were for the people that were being bussed in from Mississippi and Louisiana.

The donations were sent to recipients at private homes, the Memphis Convention Center, motels and hotels.

We will get the items directly into the hands of the needy.

Joy Outreach and H.B. Barnum presents:
Live Entertainment by H.B. Barnum
FREE Thanksgiving Dinner for Katrina Survivors -- "giveaway" bags for EACH survivor!!
Senior Citizens, Single Parents, Children and the Homeless are welcome...
Hollywood Recreation Center
Thursday Nov. 24, 2005 11:00am-2:00pm,
1122 North Cole Place, Hollywood CA 90028

Joy Community Outreach has continued to collect and deliver these crucial necessities to the destinations specified on each box.

We take great care to label each box to indicate EXACTLY where the donation originated!

The feedback received from Katrina survivors was awesome and extremely emotional!   Just image

feeling like you have lost almost everything, and at that moment, receiving packages of love and essential items

from friends and relatives via Joy Outreach.  The result is hope, strength and the willingness to rebuild...

Come on Los Angeles, you support us every year for "Christmas All Over LA."  I need you now, we can do this.   OUR PEOPLE ARE DYING.

Dr. Mable John, Joy Community Outreach

Bring items to:
Marina Christian Center Bldg.
5730 W. Manchester Ave.,
Westchester, CA 90045
Office: 323-731-9315
Fax: 323-766-0792

Call and let us know about drop-off times.