Wells Fargo “2005 Volunteer Service Award”

Wells Fargo values the commitment to the community in which we work and live through volunteering with non-profits. Each year, the company supplements the volunteer effort of a select number of team members through the Volunteer Service Award. The Volunteer Service Award gives team members the chance to win money for the nonprofit organization or K-12 school where they volunteer. Community Support Programs has 161 awards available with a total of $300,000 available for the winners' agencies or schools.

How are selections made?
The Volunteer Service Award selection committee chooses winners based on nominee's personal dedication, effectiveness of their work, amount of personal time volunteered and the overall impact on their community.

Are there restrictions to what agencies qualify?
Yes. The organization or school must be designated a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS or a nonprofit organization (NPO) by the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency(CCRA). Organizations or schools designated nonprofit by local or state tax authorities, but not by the IRS or CCRA are not eligible. IRS nonprofit designations such as 501(c)(4) or 501(c)(6) are not eligible. In addition, schools need to be accredited or certified by the state.


Congratulations To: “Joy Community Outreach To

End Homelessness”


Wells Fargo Award: $1,000 check – for the

“2005 Volunteer Service Award”


Volunteer: S. Archer, San Francisco Bay Area



Dr. Mable John, Founder of “Joy Community Outreach To End Homelessness,
accepts this award and promises to use this donation to continue to
address the needs of our communities...


Stay tuned:


More information will be posted on our website in “November” to

show how the donation from Wells Fargo will help in assisting

underprivileged youth obtain their dream of attending college!